Public Works

Public Works
The Cottonwood Water system currently is available to customers for nearly 25% of Houston County. In addition to the Town of Cottonwood, the system provides the only reliable source of water for consumption and for fire suppression in southeastern and south central Houston County. This includes the Town of Madrid and the settlements of Grangerburg and Lovetown as well as the rural areas between these sections (an approximate 100 square mile area). The system uses three wells and three elevated storage tanks and several hundred miles of pipeline to supply the needed water. It is a never ending battle to keep the system compliant with all applicable State and Federal standards.
A wastewater treatment facility is located on the south side of town along Boggy Creek. Wastewater is filtered and treated before being allowed to flow back into the waterway. This facility is closely regulated by the federal government and must be kept in compliance with their standards.
In addition to the upkeep of the water and sewer systems throughout town, the maintenance crew is responsible for a variety of jobs related to town owned property, streets, parks, and cemeteries.
Public Works Supervisor: Jerry Woods
Water Department Number: 334-691-2671 Ext 102 & 108
Water Department Email: