Municipal Court

Alabama municipal courts have jurisdiction over violations of municipal ordinances and criminal misdemeanor offenses occurring within the city’s police jurisdiction. Municipal courts are located in Alabama’s cities that have established such a court.
Proceedings convene in the Cottonwood Municipal Courtroom at 2:00 PM on the third Friday of each month. The Municipal Courtroom is located at 12769 COTTONWOOD RD
The Municipal Judge is the Honorable Gary Maxwell.
The Municipal Court Clerk/Magistrate Is Ms. Augusta Welch.
The Municipal Prosecutor is Preston Register.
All persons are subject to search for prohibited items  
The following items are prohibited from the Courtroom:
* Firearms, knives or any sharp objects
* Teargas, Mace or pepper spray
* Cellular telephones, pagers, radios, cameras, or recording devices
* No food or drinks; no smoking or tobacco products, no chewing gum                                                               
The following dress code applies:
* No hats, caps, bandannas or sunglasses are permitted
* No shorts, tee-shirts, or halter tops; shirts and shoes are required
* No attire displaying offensive or suggestive descriptions
* Neat and clean business attire with respectful demeanor is strongly recommended
You must be seated in the courtroom prior to the start of court. If you are not present you may have a warrant issued for your arrest. There is no talking or making noise in the courtroom while the judge is speaking. You must remain seated in your chair while court is in session. If you must talk then quietly leave the courtroom. Questions can be answered by uniformed officers outside the courtroom. Cases are usually taken in alphabetical order. Be prepared to stay several hours. Children should not be brought to court. You should come prepared to pay your fine and court costs should you be found guilty. You must have cash, a money order, or a cashier's check for the exact amount. Personal checks, credit or debit cards are not accepted. Your inability to pay a fine immediately may result in your being placed in jail.
Legal representation should be secured prior to your court date so your attorney can enter an appearance with the court. If you cannot afford an attorney you should be prepared to show you cause. Violating these rules may lead to a charge of contempt, removal from the courtroom, placed in jail and/or fined. 
Any questions should be addressed in one of the following ways:
By phone - to the Municipal Court Clerk at 334-691-2671;         
In writing - to Cottonwood Municipal Court, Post Office Box 447, Cottonwood, AL 36320-0447;                            
In person - at the Cottonwood Municipal Court Office, 12769 COTTONWOOD RD
Court Clerk business hours:          
8 AM - 5 PM Monday - Friday, closed from 12:00 PM - 1 PM for lunch.                
Town Hall is closed on Wednesdays after 12:00 PM
Municipal Court Clerk: Augusta Welch
Municipal Court Number: 334-691-2671 Ext. 103                                                        
Municipal Court Email: