Cottonwood Fire Dept.
P.O. Box 447
1386 Metcalf St., Ste.1
Cottonwood, Alabama

Billy J. Mims, Chief
Office (334) 691-3112
Dispatch (334) 677-4807
Fax (334) 691-3111

The Cottonwood Fire Dept. responded to 13 calls for service:

1  Live Structure Fire (Lovetown)  

1  Controlled Burn (Hodgesville)

1  Smoke Smell (Madrid)

2  Motor Vehicle Crashes (1 in Cottonwood  1 in Lovetown)

1  Outdoor Fire    

1  Hazardous Materials Incident (Meth Lab)

1  False Call

1  Medical Assist

2  Vehicle Fires

2  Special Assignments

An estimated 3,000 gallons of water was used for suppression, maintenance, and training.

• The structure fire was in the Lovetown VFD territory. Lovetown FD failed to respond making Cottonwood the primary department handling the call.
• Meetings attended during April:  2 regular training meetings, County Association meeting, CFD Officer's meeting
• Local fire departments, including Cottonwood, were recently ridiculed on an internet social media site. The comments were regarding several FD's not responding to assist a rescue squad to load a patient.  A statement was made indicating that volunteer fire departments are paid to answer these calls. In reality, FD's receive funding for Fire Protection. Ambulance companies receive funds to provide medical services which should include having able-bodied attendants to respond to their calls. 

Cottonwood FD routinely responds to many calls for assistance to local ambulance companies. FD members that are available normally do respond when called for this service at all hours.

  • The Prom Promise tragedy scenario was held for Cottonwood High School seniors at the D. Hodge ball fields.  Two engine companies participated.

  • A Work Day was held Saturday April 20th at the FD.  This was in preparation for the upcoming events.

  • The FD cooked and sold Brunswick Stew on Fri. April 26th. Around 300 quarts were sold between 11 AM and 5 PM with none left over.  After expenses, there was a profit of over $1300.00.

  • Two engine companies participated in the Down Home Fest parade on the 27th.

  • The first Officer's Meeting was held since the latest staff was elected/appointed.

Several points were discussed and complaints were addressed such as driving habits on personal vehicles when responding to calls. There have been several comments by citizens reporting reckless behavior by a couple of members when responding.  To our knowledge there has not been an official complaint filed with the PD. We (FD) do not condone reckless actions and police should act appropriately on any violation observed or complaint received.