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Subject: Fire Dept. Monthly Report for December 2012

Prepared on January 1, 2013



The Cottonwood Fire Dept. responded to 9 calls for service during December.

4 Structure Fires (3 back up for Lucy FD / 1 back up for Lovetown FD)

3 Motor Vehicle Collisions (All out of City Limit)

1 Controlled Burn

1 Hazardous Materials Incident (gas spill at the Inland store)


Approximately 25,000 gallons of water was used by CFD for fire suppression and training.

There were 96 calls for service in 2012. The total was some 30 calls less than last year.


There were no fire related calls within the Cottonwood territory with the exception of the "controlled burn" which was in a barrel at a remodeling site.


The 4 structure fires that we attended as backup totaled approximately 100 miles of travel on the largest trucks we have. Two of the calls were cancelled while enroute which probably saved an extra 50 miles. This is a common occurrence when giving aid to neighboring departments.


The HazMat incident involved a gasoline spill that occurred when a fuel nozzle failed to shut off automatically while pumping into a car. An estimated 6 gallons of fuel spilled onto the concrete pad. Heavy rain caused the fuel to wash onto the parking lot and toward a storm drain. Only a small amount went into the drain before it was stopped by a fireman building a dam to stop its progress. Tracking showed that the runoff would go into the drain then to the street, then into another drain which would lead to a swampy area behind the rescue squad's building. By then the small amount that had entered the drain would have been greatly diluted. The area of fuel and rain water which the dam was holding was topped with absorbents allowing most of it to be removed in buckets for disposal. Remaining residue was washed onto the nearby dirt.

EMA/EPA does not normally require reporting of such small spills. Still, a fire department report was forwarded to the EMA office as a courtesy.


At the Christmas Dinner, Captain Micheal Goodwin was honored as Cottonwood's Firefighter of the Year. Mike has been with the department since 2002 and has been a great asset in many ways. In addition to being a state certified firefighter, he is an automotive mechanic that helps to keep the apparatus maintained.