Cottonwood Police Department.
P.O. Box 447
1386 Metcalf St., Ste.1
Cottonwood, Alabama
Police Chief: Gary Edwards
Non-Emergency Number: 334.691.2113
Emergency Number: 911
Police Department Email:
Monthly Report
Cottonwood Police Department
July 2014
Projects and Operations
Officers executed three search warrants. Additional arrests will be made as an ongoing investigation regarding one of the search warrants is in progress. The following arrests were made:
Possession of Marijuana Second   2
Endangering the Welfare of a Child   10
Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia   4
Outstanding Warrants for drug violations   5
During the course of one of the search warrants officers discovered a military hand grenade. The Dothan Police Bomb Squad x-rayed and took possession of the device as it was US government property.         
Monthly Activity
Calls for Service   47                                
Reports Written   4
Traffic Warnings Issued   10
Traffic Citations Issued  5
Arrests Made  16
Traffic Warrants  0
Drug Arrests  6
Felonies   0
Misdemeanors   10
Auxiliary Hours  22