Town of Cottonwood
Town Council Work Shop

March 6, 2018

Members Present:   Mayor Ken Hamilton, James Coachman, Linda Smith, Ann Adams and Kenneth Hart  


Members Absent: Michael Capehart


Mayor Hamilton opened the meeting at 6:00 P. M.   Mayor Hamilton open meeting with

a prayer. Mayor and the Council led in the Pledge of Allegiance.


*Cottonwood Rescue used 3,052 gallons of water for the month of February.


*Approval to pass Resolution #2018-003 to add a street light at Town Hall in the back by the parking lot @ 12969 Cottonwood Road.  Council Member Smith made a motion for approval to pass Resolution #2018-003.  A second by Council Member Coachman and the motion was approved unanimously.


*Terry Stokes EMR/Driver came to introduce some of the members of the Cottonwood Ambulance & Rescue, Rickey Stokes is the Captain.  Nick Alford, and Trey Hillis both EMT and Co-Captains and Milton Constable EMR.      

*Rickey Stokes discussed about the runs.

*Discussion on parking lot paving was cheaper that we thought.

*Discussion on a repair on a sidewalk that is on private property.

*Granberry property is for sale down town.

*Mayor wanted to introduce our new Police Offices Marcus Alexander.

*Mayor discussed the Spirit of Service Day Saturday April 21.

*Discussion on clean up at the stop sign and cutting back limbs.

*Debris pick up will be March 28th.

*Doug Sinquefield discussed the Spirit of Service Day and Adopt-A-Mile program.

*Council Member Adams ask if Mayor have heard anything about a getting a new Grocery Store.


There being no further business to come before this meeting, there was a motion by Council Member Hart to adjourn the meeting.  A second by Council Member Smith and the meeting was adjourned at 6:40 P.M.