Town of Cottonwood
Town Council Work Shop

July 6, 2017

Members Present:   Mayor Ken Hamilton, James Coachman, Michael Capehart, Linda Smith, Ann Adams and Kenneth Hart  


Members Absent:


Mayor Hamilton opened the meeting at 6:00 P. M. Council Member Coachman opened meeting with a prayer. Mayor and the Council led in the Pledge of Allegiance.


*Cottonwood Rescue used 6,244 gallons of water for the month of June.


*Mayor Hamilton swear in our new Chief of Police, Tony Money.


*Approval for our Chief of Police to attend the Chief Conference at Perdido Beach, July 30 through August 03.  Council Member Coachman made a motion to approve the Chief Conference.  A second by Council Member Smith and motion was approved unanimously.


*Discussion about the grass on the side of the road on Dyras needing to be cut.

*Discussion about the grocery store, that calls were not being returned.

*Discussion the golf cart

*Discussion on a letter of appreciation sent out to Mr George Stringer and Mr. Jimmy  

  Windsor for cutting the grass and helping Mr Spooner with the crosses.

*A leak at 11655 Cottonwood Road at the man hole across from Hill Top.

*Discussion on dog wood tree’s needing to be cut down.  


There being no further business to come before this meeting, there was a motion by Council Member Hart to adjourn the meeting.  A second by Council Member Smith and the meeting was adjourned at 6:28 P.M.